Diesel Mechanic on the Sunshine Coast


Modern vehicles require different service intervals than the older style vehicles due to the technology that has been introduced. This is due to quality of oils, spark plugs, filters ect.
Once you set up a partnership with us regarding the maintenance of your vehicle we will help to you to know when & how your vehicle will need certain maintenance items undertaken. We will take into account your driving style, the kind of driving you do, as well as where the vehicle will be going (environment).
As for new vehicles, you don’t have to go back to the vehicle manufacturer for servicing to keep your warranty valid. As long as we adhere to the manufacturer’s servicing schedule and use genuine parts, your warranty will be valid. Information regarding this is available on the RACQ website.


All of our mechanical staff have extensive experience in this area.
We like to do our own rebuilds so we can keep an eye on quality control so you get the best possible result from using the best available parts to suit your budget.
There are also considerable cost savings by doing a rebuild on a motor/gearbox/diff, rather than buying a new item.
There is a 20 000km (12 months) warranty on any rebuild done in our workshop.


At Sunshine Coast 4WD Centre, we can supply & fit your new Turbo System. We are a registered Dynamic Turbo Systems Supplier. We also have access to other brands to give you a choice in your selection.


During routine servicing, comments on tired suspension is a common occurance. The reason behind this, is the public demand for smoother rides! Hence, the suspension parts wear more rapidly. We get used to driving what we have, but when someone else jumps behind the wheel, they may make a comment about the state of the ride. The options on Suspension Upgrades are unlimited. We need to know your driving needs to design a suspension for you. We will do up a quote with different options.


There are no warnings that your brakes are low – until it’s too late! That’s why it’s really important to have your servicing up to date. But… if you’re worried, don’t hesitate to come in, and we’ll put it on the hoist and have a look.
As for the clutch – a pedal shudder or a high pedal is a sign somethings amiss. We’ll do up a quote and get you going again.


We are an APPROVED INSPECTION STATION (Safety Certificate) No. 7030.

An example of a differential rebuild in Sunshine Coast